About Us

In 1928 Tri-State Supply Company was formed and began manufacturing bricks for the construction industry. It was around this time that concrete burial molds were beginning to gain in popularity. Due to the increase in popularity of these vaults the company decided to cease interest in their brick line of products and began focusing solely on concrete vaults. Following World War II, then owner, Woodie Mays secured an 18 county Wilbert franchise and began serving funeral homes in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

In 1978 Doug Allen purchased Tri-State Wilbert Vault and began control of day-to-day operations. Doug is a graduate of Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and continues to keep himself informed on the trends and innovations affecting the funeral industry.

In recent years, a second generation of Allen's began participating in the operations of Tri-State Wilbert Vault. Charlie and Doug Jr. have learned the importance of quality manufacturing and customer service and they look forward to serving Tri-State's valued customers for many years to come.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality made products and services
  • Product gurantees that support our promises.
  • We are locally owned and proud members of the Tri-State Community.
  • OSHA and D.O.T. certified employees providing safe on-site work.
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Dedicated Professionalism

We promise to make every attempt to have instock and deliver on time all the products and services we offer. Contact us today to for our latest inventory status or to check our service delivery schedule. Wilbert Vaults In Stock